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Ocean Sailing
NOTE: The following video is NOT Ibis, but a similar sized boat - I hope it gives a flavour of what you can expect...... and it's a great video!



Transatlantic passage plan

About Transatlantic Vacation

Transatlantic Ocean Sailing - Yachtmaster Ocean Qualifying Passages

If you've ever dreamed of sailing off into the sunset, then perhaps this will just fit the bill for you?! Ibis is crossing the Atlantic in 2011, and there are places aboard for sailors with a little sea time already who'd like to be part of an experienced crew on a safe and seaworthy boat.

If you're aspiring to take your own boat around the world one day, or brushing up on your skills for a sailing career, we're offering 3 different Ocean passage legs as part of our June Transatlantic crossing from St Maarten in the Caribbean to Lisbon, Portugal.


Leg 1 - St Martin, BVI's, Bermuda
25th May to 3rd June 2011 (10 Days)

With a brief stop to enjoy some great snorkelling in the BVI's, we strike off to sail the 800nm North to Bermuda which makes for a better jumping off point for the next leg. Enjoy the eclectic atmosphere and pink sand beaches of Bermuda as a reward for all your hard work!

Sperm Whale
Sperm Whale

Leg 2 - Bermuda to the Azores
7th to 22nd June (16 Days**)

A minimum of 14 days and 1,800 miles at sea to chill out, practice your sun sights and bread making, catch some fish and enjoy the sunsets.

Leg 3 - Azores to Lisbon
25th June to 3rd July (10 Days**)

The final 800nm leg into Lisbon in time to catch some of the local Bull Running Festival!

Lisbon Castles
Lisbon Castles

Transatlantic ocean passage

Adventure on the High Seas

Yacht Ibis

Throw away the shackles of your office life and get ready to pitch yourself into an adventure filled trip of swashbuckling proportions!

Transatlantic Sailing?

It’s going to be 2 to 4 weeks at sea in the middle of nowhere for most of the time, and making the best of the weather that we're given. And a pretty rare experience to feel like a speck on the face of the earth. For me, there’s nothing quite like night sailing and I can’t wait to be out on the sea again with nothing but stars overhead....and I’m really hoping we can catch some fish too!!!

You can expect to get involved in the following:

Learning how all the bits of Navigation equipment work

Taking sun sights with a sextant and plotting our position manually

Catching fish

Looking for things that are chafing and preventing further damage

Creating tasty recipes from tinned goods

Making things using string & rope e.g. turks heads & monkey’s fists

Learning some navigation & meteorology theory

Tall tale telling & joke recounting

Reading & lounging around on deck

Playing cards, scrabble etc.

Learning Italian – I have some tapes & books

Arguing over who’s got the best music on their Ipod

Looking forward to sundowner time

Imagining boats or land on the horizon……

……and anything else I (or anyone else) can think of to pass the time!! You get the idea!



Ocean Rescue


Ibis carries a full complement of safety equipment for offshore sailing and has already crossed the Atlantic before. Equipment includes:

10 Man Bombard Liferaft & Grab Bag
Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
VHF/DSC Radio linked to GPS
Iridium Satellite Phone
Skymate Satellite Email System
Radar & Chartplotter
Elecronic Radar Detector
AIS Ship Information System
SSB Receiver
Manual Charts & Pilotage Books
Offshore Medical Kit
Sextant & Tables

Crew will have the opportunity gain valuable knowledge of all our on-board equipment whilst on passage.


Atlantic Weather

Prevailing Winds & Currents

By making our voyage in June, we stand the best chance of settled winds and good weather. The trip from St Maarten to Bermuda is likely to be a broad reach with a current pushing us toward the West for much of the way.

Leaving Bermuda, we need to make some North for about 60 miles before heading East in order to catch the favourable currents which will help push us in the right direction.

  US $ 150
  • Per person per day - minimum 10 days
  • 10% discount for 2 legs booked together
  • Maximum group size 6 people
  • Interim days on board - outwith dates above - $100
Included in Caribbean Christmas Holi
  • Accommodation on board IBIS
  • Quality towels and linens
  • All breakfasts and lunches
  • Dinners whilst on passage
  • Filtered drinking water
  • Instruction from retired RYA Examiner*
  • Dinghy "taxi" service ashore
  • All boat running costs & cruising permits
  • Flights
  • Transport to/from the airport
  • Alcoholic & soft drinks
  • Personal travel insurance & visas
  • Meals taken ashore
Mile Building Information 800 to 3,400 nm        
Sailing Experience Experienced        

Airlines landing in St Maarten (SXM)

Airlines Landing in Bermuda (BDA)

Airlines Landing in Azores (PDA)

Airlines Landing in Lisbon (LIS)

Places Strictly Limited

The following websites are the local country / island tourist websites with lots of information on things to do and more pictures to whet your appetite!

St Maarten

British Virgin Islands




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